Success Stories

We've helped hundreds of individuals reach their fitness and health goals - here are some of their stories.

Diana M.


– Reduce stress and increase endurance
– Reduce pain from Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
– Improve physical strength and appearance

As a hairstylist and salon owner, I spend long hours working - most if not all of them, are spent on my feet. My job requires me to use my hands in a repetitive motion. After many years I started to notice pain in my shoulders, wrists, and hands, as well as a general lack of energy.
The first day of my new healthier life I went to Dan at Ebody Studio for a consultation. After talking he gave me some great advice – “Start small and be consistent. Most people try to change too many aspects of their lifestyle all at once.” For me, by making changes slowly and following a catered workout program, I feel and look ten years younger. Small steps and consistency was the combination that produced my success and enabled me to meet my goals.

Donna G.


– Stronger bones
– Gain strength
– Overall fitness

Why did I chose EbodyStudio? I wanted a private setting in which I could focus on my needs without distraction and pressure. I had two major issues I needed to focus on: osteoporosis and a lower level of strength and overall fitness.  My doctor informed me that only medicine and exercise would slow osteoporosis. I did both, starting with a workout plan that would accomplish my needs. As the months passed, I noticed that my strength levels were increasing and I had more energy.
After going for my annual Dexascan, a test which measures bone density, I found that I had not lost any bone mass. This was great news and a sure sign that the combination of medicine and exercise were working. This has been the case for years now. I have been working out with Dan at EbodyStudio and my bones thank him. My experience has been great. The workouts are fun, quick and effective, plus private. The best part of all this hard work is that I have the energy to watch my granddaughter regularly and enjoy her without getting exhausted.

Ellen K.


– Lose weight
– Healthier lifestyle
– Gain strength and reduce stress on knees

How did exercise change my life? How about an 80 pound weight loss, a drop in 6 dress sizes, and a gained love of exercise! Most of my life I was overweight and thought being in shape and fit was unattainable. When I decided to begin exercising I wanted to start slow with one class per week. This was a martial arts class which quickly turned into 3 classes a week – 2 strength training and 1 kickboxing. As I started losing weight and keeping it off I found myself wanting to workout and my views on becoming fit and healthy totally changed. Besides weight loss, I had another issue, my knees. After years of abuse and pain that had become problematic to say the least. The strength training and my lighter new body helped ease the stress on my knees.
I recently had the knee replaced but my new lifestyle helped accomplish two things. First, exercise extended the life of my ailing knee. Second, when the knee was replaced recovery was easier and quicker thanks to my better physical condition. All of this was accomplished with the aid of EbodyStudio. By setting realistic goals and creating a personal workout regimen, I was able to reach my goals.