Personalized Training Programs


We offer 1-on-1 personal training programs for every experience level, with exercises catered to your individual fitness goals.  



Cardio Programs

Circuit Training

Constant movement, rotating between an elliptical or recumbent bike and various stations to keep the participants heart rate within the most efficient range.

Ply Metrics

Sometimes known as jump training, consists of exercises in which muscles exert maximum force insured intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power, strength, and endurance.

Sport Specific

These training programs are catered to particular sports and individuals such as baseball, track, and golf.


This form of martial arts is catered to the individual and provides a different cardio workout through constant movement and impact to increase muscle density, endurance, and strength.


Strength Training

Slow Strength Training

This form of strength training uses lighter weights and extremely slow movements to increase strength and muscle density quickly.

Functional Training

This type of training incorporates various types of movements, resistance bands, medicine balls, free weights, and balance which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injury.

Traditional Weight Training

This type of training is a mix of free weights and machines targeting individual groups of muscles.

Isometric / Bodyweight

Often known as static strength training, which involves using one’s own body weight in a fixed position for a period of time to build strength and endurance.


Sport Specific

Depending on one’s sport of choice, various types of strength and cardio training are used to maximize efficiency in those particular sports.

Core Strength

Involves the use of various techniques to increase core strength which allows the body and anchor to build all from to increase strength throughout the body. Other forms of exercise such as Pilates and isometrics are engaged to ensure strength and endurance.


Other Programs

Flexibility Training

This allows a greater range of movement and a decrease in injury. This can be performed either through various types of stretching or through assisted stretching.


This service allows individuals who were released from physical therapy and who are not ready to join a gym to work out on their own or prefer to engage in a supervised and safer environment. This allows individuals to pick up exactly where they left off in rehab and continue to build outward one’s strength and mobility.


This form of training is beneficial to anyone playing sports, aging, or looking to improve overall performance whether day-to-day life or playing in some form organized physical activity.


For a minimal fee the service allows individuals to have a trainer to check in with daily or weekly to ensure one is continuing on their exercise regimen. This can also include monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly meetings to review, change, add, and increase workout routines and progress. This can be accomplished through text, email, and face time to ensure and reinforce designed workout goals.